Jeff Green - CEO & Founder / The Trade Desk
Sonya Mann - Tech Reporter / Inc.com
The Trade Desk didn’t raise much money. They become profitable with about 15 people, and they’ve stayed profitable ever since. In 2018, they are a more than $2 billion, publicly-traded company with nearly 1,000 employees and are still highly profitable. Jeff Green, CEO and Founder of The Trade Desk, did what many thought impossible — get Wall Street to buy in to a SaaS advertising company that competes with the likes of Google, Facebook, and Amazon. He’ll share why his objectivity and strategic alignment can help his growing company compete with the biggest names in media. He’ll also explain why he’s challenged some of the conventions of what it means to be a SaaS company by creating an atypical SaaS pricing model.

In this fireside chat with Jeff Green, attendees will understand important considerations for converting ideas into a scalable, fast-growth company. Jeff will take a closer look at how to build, IPO and go-to-market faster than competitors, and how industry leaders and entrepreneurs can succeed in the burgeoning SaaS market while sustaining innovation, speed and agility.