Rob Nathan - EVP, Integrated Solutions / CardConnect
Mark Schulze - Co-Founder / Clover Network Inc.
There are 3.4 million small businesses in the United States with a physical storefront that face a constant battle with big box retailers, national chains, global franchises, an infinite number of niche e-commerce players, and the infinitely growing Amazon. Thankfully, tech companies have finally begun producing quality SaaS and mobile applications that are helping these businesses sell more (both in their store and away from it) and operate more efficiently. But for some reason, too many B2B software apps miss out on the potential of integrated payments.

Hear from Clover co-founder Mark Schulze and CardConnect’s Rob Nathan, who oversees First Data’s ISV (Integrated Software Vendor) channel, on how software companies can elevate their solutions when they properly comprehend the power of payments. They’ll talk about how developers have seen great success in Clover’s point-of-sale app marketplace (sometimes in unexpected ways) and why once-basic tools like scheduling software have grown incredibly thanks to integrating both card-present and card-not-present payments. They’ll also reveal a few ways to use payment data to expand into complementary add-on modules like loyalty rewards and explore the potential revenue software companies can expect when finding the right payments partner.