Aubrey Blanche - Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion / Atlassian
The customers and talent of the future will look nothing like they do today. Businesses that don’t adapt to this new reality will be at an aggressive competitive disadvantage. Research shows that diverse and inclusive teams, not brilliant individuals, will drive innovation. Research has also shown that most startup CEOs aren't investing in this area: their failure is your opportunity.

An innovative, data-informed diversity & inclusion program can not only help you attract the right people
but also retain them, helping you scale faster and more effectively while opening up new markets. Right now, you have the data and tools you need to begin understanding your barriers to building a diverse team, and how to invest to create an inclusive culture.

Over the past two years, collaboration software maker Atlassian has been able to improve its hiring of women in technical roles by 80% while simultaneously improving the representation of employees over 40 and those from
underrepresented racial and ethnic groups. Join Aubrey Blanche, Atlassian’s Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion, to hear how you can build a team that will future-proof your business.