Maran Nelson - Co-Founder & CEO / Clara Labs
Amanda Kahlow - CSO & Founder / 6sense
Falon Fatemi - CEO & Founder / Node.io
Lan Xuezhao - Founding Partner / Basis Set Ventures
The implications of AI are far-reaching across every industry imaginable. Organizations that embrace the potential of AI will win. Those that are not agile in adopting new strategies will lose. Many are saying 2018 is the year that we start to see real change in the workplace. This session will bring this new reality into focus and highlight what everyone needs to be thinking about in 2018.

While we are still in the early days of understanding the impact of AI, the time is now to start understanding what actions to take to thrive in this new world. This session will explore what it means for the employee, for the executive and for the organization. We will cover a range of implications that cut across big strategic decisions every organization should be thinking about to the tactical, practical steps that can be taken to help employees evolve their approach to their work and role.