Full Name
Anurag Gupta
Job Title
Amazon Web Services
Speaker Bio
Anurag is a Vice President at Amazon Web Services, where he is responsible for a number of transaction and analytic services. His transaction services are Amazon Aurora, a commercial-grade database compatible with MySQL and PostgreSQL, RDS MariaDB, RDS MySQL, and RDS PostgreSQL. His analytic services are Amazon Athena, a serverless query service, Amazon CloudSearch and Amazon ElasticSearch, managed search services, Amazon Redshift, a data warehousing service, and AWS Data Pipeline and AWS Glue, managed ETL services. Prior to Amazon, Anurag worked at a number of startups (Arbor, TradingDynamics, Interlace) and the companies that eventually acquired them (Hyperion, Ariba, Oracle). He began his career as a database kernel programmer at Oracle.
Anurag Gupta