Full Name
Jonathan Brill
Job Title
Head of Global Writer Relations
Speaker Bio
Jonathan Brill is the Head of Global Writer Relations at Quora. Prior to Quora, Jonathan was VP of Sales at Internet of Things SaaS provider Arrayent, whose customers included America's biggest brands, such as Whirlpool, Phillips, Craftsman, and Lowe's. After a career of selling new technology to enterprises, he was tapped to start Quora's Writer Relations team. Jonathan is a five-time Quora Top Writer, and three-time Quora Top Question Writer. Jonathan's focus at Quora is helping the company meet the needs of its most valuable contributors and leading growth efforts for Quora's new, non-English markets. In addition to writing about Sales, Jonathan is among Quora's most prolific writers in parenting, the NBA, and Internet of Things.
Jonathan Brill